The Connection Between Bitcoin and Social Empowerment

For many, cryptocurrencies present a promising way to build wealth and finally get a leg up on a system they felt disappointed by in the past. Here's an interesting fact: according to a recent poll, nearly one in five black American adults own cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin as a tool for social justice

Charlene Fadirepo is a proud and competent woman in the crypto sphere. She has worked on both sides of the aisle. First, as a banker and government regulator, and now, as a bitcoin consultant and founder of a fintech platform for women and people of color.

Her company is a fintech platform connecting black women with financial advisors and coaches. Charlene started the company out of necessity. She had a hard time finding a financial advisor for her and her family, and when she asked her friends, she recognized that they were not using financial advisors – because they had a hard time.

So, they decided to create this new platform to make it easier for black women and other women of color to find access to financial planning, financial coaching, and other financial education sources.

Women of color are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the USA.

Charlene Fadirepo focuses on taking women from financial health to financial wellness and independence. 

Open to anyone

Blockchain technology is an excellent opportunity for anyone, regardless of their environment or social status. It allows anybody to build generational wealth, including vulnerable minorities like black Americans, Latino Americans, LGBT, and indigenous communities, and many others.

These communities have usually been left out of the banking system that exists today.

Faith in Bitcoin

2021 was a breakout year for bitcoin because central banks were investing and corporations were buying in. But, given the volatility of 2022, can we still have faith in the future of crypto and bitcoin? Absolutely, yes.

We need to think about the big picture – and that is showing a very optimistic view.

If we look at Bitcoin in the last ten years, those are exceptional returns for any asset class and incredible returns for this coin and other thousands of cryptocurrencies. The most important thing we look forward to in this stage is regulatory clarity. These past years were incredible for regulators to start thinking about bitcoin. And, as we know, regulatory clarity builds trust, which builds security and will encourage more people and institutions to invest.

Bitcoin is a different financial system. It encourages people to be their bank, which enables them to have a higher level of financial responsibility.

You have to consider self-custody to protect your bitcoin. You have to be intentional about how you’re transferring your bitcoin. They’re all of these skills that you need to learn if you want to be an avid crypto investor.

Some people say that Bitcoin is not truly decentralized. They say that it’s an asset bubble. Most of those people haven’t taken the time to understand the origins of Bitcoin as an asset class and look at the return profile. There is a massive gap in information and knowledge.

Families and parents must be able to teach bitcoin to their children because it’s a tool to fix many of the monetary problems we have in this world today.

More people need to develop the ability to see and solve problems others can’t see. We need people to have great ideas that make this world better.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are the future of finance. It’s the future of money, and if everybody is on board, these underprivileged communities can avoid the pitfalls and barriers of our current financial systems.

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