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Here is the ixfi help centre to find the answers you need about our product


Signing up with IXFI is the first step towards becoming a dedicated member of the IXFI family.

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Account Activities

Here is a compilation of answers to IXFI's all Account-Activities topics.

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To ensure the highest level of security for your IXFI account, please remember to implement and follow the security principles listed in the IXFI...

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Find relevant answers to all your queries regarding buying & selling of cryptocurrency.

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A wallet hosts the details of the coins that were bought under a transaction. Here you can find answers to all wallet related queries...

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Buy Crypto

After you create an IXFI account, you can purchase cryptocurrencies on the IXFI exchange using the real money...

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Referral & Rewards

Refer a friend, earn cryptos. You can earn IXFI points by completing a few tasks in the reward program, then redeem them for your trading account on I..

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Swap & Convert

Using Swap and Convert, you can change the cryptocurrency you hold into another cryptocurrency. Explore more about it via some questions and answers o..

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Coin Info

Find all trending information about the crypto tokens on the Coin Info page and get answers to all your relevant queries here...

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Other topics

Looking for more? Check out a variety of miscellaneous topics related to the IXFI portal.

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