How Many Women Choose Crypto When Buying Online?

Women crypto users have risen over the last couple of years, but the gender gap is yet to be significantly bridged. Let’s explore how this could be made possible.

Independence and being responsible for managing your finances are some of the unique characteristics of the cryptosphere. With fewer restrictions and no third-party fees, you could turn your holdings into liquid at any point. Even the market slump in 2022 has not deterred users from investing in cryptocurrencies. Yet, the number of people interacting with digital coins is insignificant compared to the global population, with women being the most affected.

Women’s Involvement in the Crypto Industry

In the past few years, there has been a notable increase in online purchases with digital assets as more online merchants embrace the crypto payment method. A Bank of America survey discloses that 39% of respondents use digital currencies for online purchases. However, the fact is that men are significantly more responsible for the transactions.

According to a Pew Research Center survey in November, only 13% of American women in their 30s and 40s have used cryptocurrency for transactional purposes compared to 43% of men in their teens and 20s. Another survey from GOBankingRates reveals that only 15% of women invest in crypto compared to 38% of men, that’s double the number. There’s a perceived lack of women’s participation in the industry.

Women’s involvement in the cryptosphere has been debatable over the years, with experts asking why women are hesitant to delve into cryptocurrencies. The following elements are responsible for the gender gap in crypto use.

  • Lack of Crypto Education

You are more likely to pass on something you don’t understand. That is the case for women and crypto, as women aren’t as encouraged to educate themselves about crypto, as men are. They look at the crypto market and conclude that it’s difficult to understand and feel like the educational materials are not aimed at them. This is exactly why we’ve created the Women in Crypto series – to make up for this lack of educational resources and inspiring communities.

  • Volatility

Women avoid digital coins because they are generally more afraid of price swings. Hence, they remain on the sidelines. The volatility is undeniable, but it has got a future. Founder of the Stock Dork Adam Garcia said Bitcoin is best as a long-term investment. It becomes an asset and less volatile when it is considered that way.

Judging by the history of Bitcoin, Garcia is spot on. Bitcoin always nosedives, but somehow, it manages to climb back on top again. Crypto is like any other investment. It’s risky, but with potential long-term gains.

  • Regulations

Crypto is largely unregulated and under-regulated, a turn-off for many women. Last month’s Terra crash made investors justifiably wary. The good news is many countries and regional bodies are working out a strategy to oversee digital assets and guarantee investor protection. For example, legal frameworks like the MiCa regulation are underway and will help cryptocurrency become mainstream.

  • Lack of Prospects

Cryptocurrency’s future has generated diverse views, considering the recent crypto crash. Blockchain technology has a better infrastructure for the monetary system and will eventually be used by governments. This will replace the declining fiat model.

  • Perceived Lack of Crypto Security

Many women consider cryptocurrency insecure and vulnerable. These concerns are understandable, but crypto insecurity is not different from ATM fraud. Besides, blockchain is a safer technology. Of course, assets are not entirely fail-proof, like in any other financial endeavor.

Despite these concerns, there are encouraging signs that women’s participation in the crypto sector is increasing. According to a BlockFi survey, 45% of women understand how to buy cryptocurrency. Dawn Newton of Netki said that the number is encouraging and a sign of growth for the industry. As more women discover the space, greater participation will be recorded.

Greater participation doesn’t only involve investing. It also entails tapping into the various career opportunities in the blockchain space. The survey also discovered that 10% of women see digital currency as a more promising sector than fintech, and 15% would like to have a blockchain career. These figures are encouraging, but more still needs to be done to bridge the gender disparity. After all, cryptocurrency is supposed to be democratic and decentralized.

COO of Masa Finance, Elizabeth Kukka, said that making educational and financial tools more accessible to women will enable them to build wealth. That’s precisely what the CEO of Guidefi, Charlene Fadirepo, is doing. She once said, “it’s so important for women and people of color to be a part of crypto and blockchain right now because we’re building the next generation of the financial ecosystem.” Fadirepo understands that crypto emerged from finance and tech, industries with low women participation.

Other women that advocate for greater female participation in the crypto industry are Cleve Mesidor, Kiana Danial, and Mila Kunis.


Cryptocurrency is an innovation that’s here to stay. With women getting more involved, the space will grow substantially. The industry is still new and presents a fantastic opportunity for women to change the stereotypic narrative.

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