Women in crypto – It’s getting better and better

As the crypto and blockchain industry grows and grows, more star entrepreneurs are being born. Some of the influential women that are moving the mountains in the crypto and blockchain industry that are worth mentioning this week are:
women in crypto

Laura Shin is a crypto industry journalist, senior editor at Forbes, and author of the book The Cryptopians: Idealism, Greed, Lies, and the Making of the First Big Cryptocurrency Craze. She is also the host of crypto-related podcasts. A very severe and academic person, her public profiles are filled with quality information and ideas.

Elizabeth Stark is the co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs, a key player in the Bitcoin ecosystem. With that name and reputation, she might as well be the feminine version of Tony Stark from the movie Iron Man. Elizabeth can usually be found attending events and in the middle of the action with sparkling energy.

Sukhi Jutla is an entrepreneur, author, developer, and co-founder at IBM Blockchain Foundation. She is also the co-founder of MarketOrders, an online B2B platform for the gold and diamond jewellery industry. In addition, she is a leading international speaker, influencer, and thought leader in tech. Such is all about business, luxury, and high-end.

Maria Pennanen is the CEO of crypto startup Santiment and the founder of Mindclip Behaviour. The Finnish businesswoman has a shiny clean appearance at the business events she usually attends. Yet, this woman is a true force of nature, a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, influencer, lecturer, and business angel.

• 77% of women said they like that they can access their investments in Bitcoin at any time.

Caitlin Long – the chairman of WyoHackathon. She is very connected to the financial world. Working on Wall Street for over 20 years now and ten years being involved with companies doing crypto business, Caitlin is a doer and a respected expert in her field. She is very active on crypto Twitter and always to date with the crypto industry news and events.

Galia Benartzi co-founded Bancor Protocol, the world’s first open-source protocol ensuring on-chain liquidity between any blockchain-based asset. In addition, Galia invented the Automated Market Maker, now a building block of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). This woman is living in the metaverse. She is all about crypto, trading, data analysis, and Meta. A pioneer in the NFT world and digital lunatic fringe of today.

Joyce Kim is the co-Founder and Executive Director of Stellar org, and she is a Managing Partner of SparkChain Capital. A more shy appearance, Joyce doesn’t like to be that flashy on social media. And instead, she wants to support good causes around the world. A key player in the industry, Joyce has a strong background in law.

Kathleen Breitman is the co-Founder of Tezos, one of the most significant and crucial blue-chip crypto projects out there, and the CEO of Dynamic Ledger Solutions. This is an intelligent woman. An academic and also a crypto industry author, Kathleen is just a pleasure to follow on social media and in live appearances.

• 47% of female investors ages 25-54 think the time to invest in Bitcoin is now because they believe prices will only rise.

Kelly Loeffler is an essential person in crypto space. An American businesswoman and politician, and the CEO of Bakkt. She describes herself as a proud American, businesswoman, philanthropist, and conservative champion. Kelly can often be seen in public appearances involving politics or campaigns supporting different causes that would help improve our lives.

Catherine Coley is the CEO of Binance. The US. It’s an adamant position to attend, as for all the hype, attention, and debates surrounding Binance’s operations and existence. She is actively involved with the Binance community and processes, and her social life and online activity are very energetic. Catherine is all about helping the community, trading, charts, and successfully doing her job as the CEO of one of the world’s most prominent digital assets exchanges.

Vansa Chatikavanij is the CEO & Founder of OmiseGO, where she manages the company’s direction and leadership. She is an OG in the finance space. She even previously worked with the World Bank. An excellent expert on crypto, Vansa counts more on her leadership and actions than her online presence on social media.

Aya Miyaguchi is the Executive Director at the Ethereum Foundation, one of the essential crypto companies in the world. She describes herself as an eclectic dreamer, educator, dancer, and natural wine evangelist. Aya is very well connected in crypto space.

Crypto women in a male-dominated industry

Recent data from Grayscale shows that the percentage of female investors in the crypto market is inching closer to a 50/50 split with men. This is an exciting industry development, and the energy is just debordant. 

Considering that this number was only 13% in 2019, it would not be surprising to see women outnumber men in this market very soon, as more women uncover the potential of this new technology. And while 43% invest in Bitcoin, even more are open to learning more about it.

Women like to know their risks

• 73% of women are concerned about the vulnerability of Bitcoin to cyberattacks

• 57% are concerned about Bitcoin’s association with criminal markets

 • 63% were concerned with insufficient government oversight

Even if there are still questions and precautions to be addressed, the facts have shown that the crypto space is a good fit for women. Many men in crypto are alpha males in their social circles, intelligent, brave, and open to taking more risks. Some women also like that. Needles to say, the dynamics are electrifying.

WEB3 is opening more doors to creative people that need to express themselves. It is a massive impact that these technological upgrades have on society. It’s all about interconnecting the world, people, and software. Research shows that women are getting increasingly interested in NFTs and Metaverse. 

Are you inspired as well by these powerful women from the crypto sphere? If you’re ready to acknowledge more, use the resources available on our blog to your advantage. Join Your Friendly Crypto Exchange and start your journey towards financial independence.

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