Crypto Diversity – What do the statistics look like?

Blockchain technology was deployed for the first time on a large scale 13 years ago. Then, going further with the business, a new global sector emerged, based on high-end technologies and finances.

Geeks were the first people who tested the latest systems and tech businesses. Geeks were statistically defined as white, well-educated males in the Blockchain industry. These were the descendants of cypherpunks – the people who created Blockchain, Bitcoin, and the Internet as we know it today.

A 2021 state of crypto reports that among the 14% of Americans who own crypto:

        ◦ 74% are men

        ◦ 71% are white

        ◦ 77% are under the age of 45

The crypto markets are still young and vividly developing. More and more diverse groups joined the new global sector that emerged. With that, year after year, we started seeing more women cautiously joining the business. They are taking the crypto industry by storm with the energy and style they bring to the table.

People who have been in crypto for a long time know that the presence of women in this space was always an issue. It was a male-dominated industry for a long time, but not anymore.

It’s refreshing to see how women slowly equal the number of men in crypto in the last five years – going from only a few percentages to almost half the number of enthusiasts.

It’s not a completely smooth journey yet

There is still very much to be developed. Many women say they feel they don’t understand crypto. They also turn to peers and social media for info on their finances and investment. Women are more risk-averse than men. Men are more willing to take risks. This creates a perfect equilibrium. The value women bring to the industry is priceless and much needed.

Women caught an interest in crypto

November 2021 shows that men are twice as likely than women to say they’ve used crypto. Yet, a report from the same year shows that women are more curious about crypto for the first time in history, with a 53% percentage stating that, while men are at 47%. 

Some women who are making waves right now

Women are represented at high standards at the top of many companies and institutions in the industry. Some of the spectacular women operating in the crypto industry are already very well known and very efficient in their business operations. It is worth mentioning some of the most well-reputed and getting a glimpse of their presence and style:

• Randi Zuckerberg – An American businesswoman and sister of Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, describes herself as Building Web3’s friendliest community of curators & creators. She loves supporting fantastic women-led crypto and NFT projects, and she is playing an active role in the industry, being an advisor for over 20 Web3 projects.

• Ria Bhutoria – The research director describes herself as in it for the tech. She has a vital role in research and collaborating with professional investors, and she’s also the author of a series of articles.

• Zoe Adamovicz – A serial entrepreneur, founder of a bank, co-founder, and CEO of a company, she is a pioneer tech entrepreneur and a very diverse character with a diverse academic background. Zoe describes herself as passionate about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, loving the intersection of art and tech.

• Blythe Masters – Not such a well-known individual for the masses, but she is the first and most influential Wall Street banker to open to the blockchain business sector. She created the credit default swap as a financial instrument. Describes herself as a Wall Street veteran, CEO of Digital Asset, and co-chair of Global Fund for Women.

On a fun note, half of the women recently questioned by BLOCKFI think Bitcoin’s value will rise in the next five years. Let’s hope they’re right.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the good news is that crypto doesn’t discriminate. Your Friendly Crypto Exchange is an ever-evolving and inclusive ecosystem that covers all your crypto needs. Register now on IXFI to discover the endless possibilities.

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