IXFI to support Galxe (GAL) token swap, redenomination, and rebranding to Gravity (G)

IXFI announces support for the Galxe (GAL) token swap, redenomination, and rebranding to Gravity (G), ensuring a seamless transition for all users.

We are pleased to announce that IXFI will support the upcoming token swap, redenomination, and rebranding of Galxe (GAL) to Gravity (G). This strategic move is part of our ongoing commitment to providing our users with the latest and most innovative cryptocurrency options.

Key information

1. Token swap details

The token swap will occur on July 15, 2024, at 03:30 (UTC). During this period, all GAL tokens will be converted to Gravity (G) tokens at a predetermined ratio. This process is designed to be seamless, ensuring minimal disruption to our users.

2. Redenomination and rebranding

Alongside the token swap, Galxe will undergo a redenomination and rebranding process, resulting in the new Gravity (G) token. This change aims to better reflect the project’s goals and enhance its position in the market. The new ticker symbol for Gravity will be G.

3. Impact on IXFI users

Deposits and withdrawals: During the token swap, deposits and withdrawals of GAL will be temporarily suspended. We recommend completing any transactions involving GAL before the swap to avoid delays.

Trading: Trading of GAL will also be paused during the token swap. Once the process is complete, trading for the new Gravity (G) token will resume.

Balances: All user balances of GAL will automatically convert to Gravity (G) following the completion of the token swap. There is no action required from users for this conversion.


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