Win Your Share of $15,000 in the IXFI x BOBER Airdrop!

Complete 5 tasks to earn IXFI Points and use them to purchase Airdrop tickets for a chance to win BOBER.

As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, the Airdrop scene remains a core method for projects to engage and reward their communities. IXFI’s upcoming Airdrop, in partnership with BOBER, is the latest initiative aimed at providing value to its users.

BOBER is not just any meme coin—it’s the first within the MultiversX ecosystem, launched on March 22. The coin quickly attracted attention for its unique blend of humor and utility, setting a precedent for meme coins by leveraging a viral culture and promoting community involvement.

For those unfamiliar, BOBER is symbolically represented by a beaver, known in real life for its diligent dam-building. This aligns metaphorically with BOBER’s mission to construct robust dams in the order book and ensure a steady flow of liquidity. Its community, growing around this builder spirit, mimics the energetic and productive nature of its symbol.

The upcoming IXFI x BOBER Airdrop offers an exciting opportunity for the community to engage further – and win something valuable in return. Here are the details:

  1. Duration: The Airdrop event spans from the launch of tasks on April 17, 2024, until the winners are announced on May 3, 2024.

  1. Prize Details: The total prize pool amounts to $15,000 worth of BOBER tokens, with each of the 150 winners receiving approximately $100 worth of BOBER (188,679 BOBER tokens).

  1. Participation: To qualify, participants need to complete 5 mandatory tasks. These tasks are designed to be straightforward and include actions like following BOBER on X and completing the KYC on IXFI.

  1. Tickets: Once the tasks are completed, participants can purchase Airdrop tickets using IXFI Points, with each ticket offering a chance to win. More tickets = more chances to win.

Why choose to participate in this BOBER airdrop? It’s simple: BOBER stands out as a pioneer meme coin on MultiversX, attracting significant interest in a short period. The community is vibrant and growing, and participating in this airdrop could be a great way to join this dynamic group.

To all who are considering joining, remember to complete the 5 mandatory tasks, secure your tickets, and simply wait for the outcome. We look forward to seeing many participants in this exclusive Airdrop.


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