Solana outperforms Ethereum in daily transactions. But which one is better?

Solana boasts a much faster transaction speed than Ethereum. While ETH can process around 15 transactions per second, Solana can handle up to 65k
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Regarding Blockchain platforms, a few key metrics are used to gauge their success. One of the most important is daily transaction volume. In this regard, Solana currently outperforms Ethereum by a significant margin. However, it’s important to remember that transaction volume is just one metric. For example, Ethereum has a more extensive user base and total value locked up in Smart Contracts. So which platform is better?

Nansen report on Transaction Volume 

From April through June, the number of daily transactions on the Solana Blockchain significantly outpaced those on Ethereum, which averaged one Million. Solana (SOL) surpassed Ethereum in daily transactions, as evidenced by data from the second quarter of 2022, despite facing challenges such as macroeconomic conditions and network outages. This demonstrates that hype does not always equate to increased technology adoption.

According to Nansen, the number of daily Solana transactions steadily increased throughout the second quarter, reaching upwards of 40 Million transactions per day at its peak, compared to just one Million transactions per day for Ethereum, during the same period. This corresponds to the number of transactions on Ethereum during the same period.

Although Solana is more volatile than Ethereum, the number of daily transactions that do not involve voting on Solana has significantly increased. Mango Markets and Serum, both decentralized exchanges, and Switchboard, an oracle network built on the Solana Blockchain, ranked among the most popular decentralized applications (DApps) that contributed to the increase in the number of daily transactions. Both of these DApps could do so by utilizing the Solana Blockchain.

Transaction Volume Skyrockets compared to the Previous Year 

Solana’s transactions averaged between 100 and 200 Million per day, while the record of wallets created increased dramatically, rising from 400 Thousand at the start of the year – to nearly one Million towards June 2022. The momentum for Solana’s meteoric growth can be traced back to a series of investments made in mid-2022 to strengthen the GameFi, DeFi, and NFT ecosystems.

Can Solana Compete with Ethereum?

Regarding cryptocurrency, there are a few clear leaders in the space. Bitcoin is the most well-known, but Ethereum has become a popular choice for those looking for an Altcoin with more functionality. In addition, one of the new coins, Solana, has recently been making waves in the crypto world. So, can Solana compete with Ethereum?

To start with, Solana boasts a much faster transaction speed than Ethereum. While Ethereum can process around 15 transactions per second, Solana can handle up to 65,000. This makes it a much more viable option for applications that need to handle many transactions quickly, such as online payments or gaming. Solana and Ethereum are also working on implementing sharding, which would further increase their scalability.

Ethereum does have some advantages over Solana, however. For one thing, it has a larger developer community and thus more support for building applications on the platform. Additionally, Ethereum’s Smart Contract functionality is more robust and battle-tested than Solana’s. However, given Solana’s speed advantage and its commitment to scalability, it seems likely that this project will be able to carve out a place for itself in the cryptocurrency landscape.

It depends on what you’re looking for to answer the question of which is better. Solana is the better choice if you’re looking for a high transaction volume and fast platform. However, if you’re looking for a platform with more features and a larger community, then Ethereum is the better choice.

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