Bitcoin Hash Rate broke to a new all-time high

Hash rates are usually used to measure the participation rate of the network miner.
Bitcoin Hash Rate

Following a drop in energy prices from summer highs, we have seen US Bitcoin miners return to the space in full force. According to analysis from on-chain data, Bitcoin’s mining hash rate has reached an all-time high despite significantly declining over the summer. The hash rate metric is important for the Bitcoin Blockchain because it provides information on the network’s strength based on Bitcoin’s mining process. Furthermore, it directly relates to the number of active miners and computational mining equipment on the network. 

Deciphering Bitcoin: What is a hash?

Bitcoin is a Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency. As explained earlier, the hash rate is the total amount of computational power required to mine new coins and settle transactions. All transactions are recorded and visible on the Blockchain, a digital distributed ledger. Miners use powerful computers and must guess a hash that represents the data from a transaction before it is added. Since each hash is random and complex, it takes a lot of energy to power up the computers. A new unit of Bitcoin is awarded to any miner that is able to solve the hash.

Hash rate is usually used to measure the participation rate of miners in the network. Also, because cryptocurrencies are decentralized, more miners’ participation increases the Blockchain network’s security. As a result, a rise in Bitcoin’s hash rate may result in a rise in its value, as the hash rate usually follows the value of its underlying security.

How Bitcoin’s hash rate continues to set new records despite market downturns

Despite the market downturn that destroys many crypto projects and initiatives, the Bitcoin ecosystem continues to improve its core by continuously setting new highs for its hash rate, network capacity, and network difficulty.

Since August, the network hash rate, or the computing power required to complete a block, has increased by 18% to 232 million terahashes per second. There was an inverse correlation between Bitcoin’s hash rate and the price at the beginning of 2022. When the price of Bitcoin fell after it reached an all-time high in November last year, the network’s hash rate increased to 200 million terahashes per second. When Bitcoin’s price hovered around $40,000, the hash rate remained stable at 200 million terahashes per second.

The inverse correlation between Bitcoin’s price and the hash rate persisted as Bitcoin fell further and the mining hash rate peaked at 227 million terahashes per second. But during the summer, the price and the hash rate correlated directly with each other, as the hash rate decreased to 200 million terahashes per second before the recent sharp increase.

Why the crackdown on Bitcoin mining in China won’t stop the asset’s long-term prospects

Bitcoin miners are now being tested on whether they can maintain profitability. Miners position themselves to find the cheapest energy sources to reduce costs and maintain a high-profit margin. More miners mean more difficulty in mining Bitcoin. With increased mining difficulty, miners with low-profit margins will have to cease operations. With the hash rate reaching new highs and Bitcoin price still relatively low, miners face increased challenges.

As a result of the crackdown on the mining industry by China last year, Bitcoin has been on a roller coaster ride. This has raised concerns about the long-term prospects of the asset. We have, however, seen major Bitcoin mining operators move to other countries like Russia, the US, and Kazakhstan. This has helped to boost Bitcoin’s hash rate. This increase in hash rate also comes when global markets have suffered a downturn, and geopolitical tensions have caused inflation to rise significantly.

The Benefits of US-based Bitcoin Mining

The US has become the primary mining location, accounting for most global mining operations. Texas has favorable crypto laws and somewhat inexpensive electricity, making it the ideal location for the miners. Nonetheless, the summer heat in Texas negatively affected mining activities. Large-scale miners had to shut down their machines as the heat wave strained the state’s electricity grid. This led to a drop in mining profits in August.

Highly capitalized miners could handle this decline more than others, with several consolidations in the space. Riot, for example, made a significant profit from the electricity shutdown. The company sold its previously purchased electricity at a profit. And as energy prices have declined and the reduction in heat waves, the increase in hash rates means that miners are increasing their activities again.

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