Swipelux is our newest partner to offer on and off-ramp services

Swipelux’s on and off-ramp services provide users with the most secure and trustworthy experience when interacting with crypto, wherever it’s buying or selling.
swipelux partnership

ixfi is proud to partner with Swipelux, a leading on and off-ramp solution that provides crypto solutions to multiple countries and jurisdictions. This new partnership will empower ixfi users with a seamless and secure experience when purchasing or selling cryptocurrencies on our platform.

Using Swipelux’s friendly interface, users can easily choose from a wide range of 100+ cryptocurrencies, immersively simplifying the process. Additionally, ixfi users can use Swipelux to sell their crypto for 75+ fiat currencies. The money is directly deposited into your bank account using a credit or debit card.

What are Swipelux’s services?

Swipelux’s on and off-ramp services provide our users with the most secure and trustworthy experience when interacting with crypto, wherever it’s buying or selling. Our newest ramp partner offers a one-click checkout solution when purchasing crypto while converting your crypto back into fiat currencies is quicker and easier than ever before.

This new partnership aligns with ixfi’s mission to bring crypto to every corner of the world while ensuring a secure experience. Given Swipelux’s reliable and efficient services, we can remove any barrier and make crypto accessible.

On ixfi, you’re rewarded when purchasing crypto for the first time

Users who sign up on ixfi and make their first purchase of cryptocurrencies on our platform using Swipelux will be rewarded with ixfi points. By doing this, we’re adding extra value to your digital wallet and familiarizing new users with ixfi’s Task and Rewards Center.

Make your first crypto purchase and collect your reward now: ixfi.com/buy-crypto

We’re happy to introduce Swipelux to our users and offer ixfi’s community an innovative solution that makes crypto accessible for everyone. Thank you for choosing ixfi as your go-to cryptocurrency platform. Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates!


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