IXFI will support the Fetch AI (FET), Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), and SingularityNET (AGIX) token merge

IXFI supports the Fetch AI, Ocean Protocol, and SingularityNET token merge. Stay informed about the upcoming ASI token on IXFI.

We are pleased to announce that IXFI will support the upcoming token merge for Fetch AI (FET), Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), and SingularityNET (AGIX). This strategic move is part of our commitment to providing our users with the latest and most innovative cryptocurrency options.

Conversion ratios:

• 1 OCEAN = 0.433226 FET

• 1 AGIX = 0.433350 FET

Key information:

Support for token merge: IXFI will fully support the token merge of FET, OCEAN, and AGIX into the new Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) token. This merge aims to enhance the utility and interoperability of these tokens, fostering a more integrated and efficient ecosystem.

Seamless transition: Our technical team is working diligently to ensure a seamless transition for all IXFI users. During the merge, deposits and withdrawals of FET, OCEAN, and AGIX will be temporarily suspended to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Post-merge trading: Once the merge is complete, IXFI will open trading for the new ASI token. Users will be able to trade ASI on our platform just as they did with FET, OCEAN, and AGIX.

What you need to do:

During the merge: Users are advised to complete any deposits or withdrawals of FET, OCEAN, and AGIX before the merge begins to avoid any potential delays.

Post-merge: After the merge, users can resume trading and transactions as usual, with the new ASI token available in their IXFI wallets.

Stay tuned for more updates and details about the merge process. Thank you for your continued support.

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