Weekly Summary 20.11 – 26.11

Dive into IXFI's Weekly Summary – from expanding our NFT Campaign with new partners to listing BLUR and being featured in top financial news outlets.

The past week has been eventful and rewarding for the IXFI community, marking significant achievements and expansions across our platform. 

Expansion of IXFI’s NFT Rewards Campaign

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of 10 new partners to our NFT Rewards Campaign. This expansion, driven by high user demand, introduces over 700 new mystery boxes, enriching the variety and value of prizes available. To accommodate these exciting additions, we’ve extended the campaign until December 17th. Our latest partners include:

– The Cursed Land

– PepeVersX

– Cyberpunk City

– Official CPA

– Odd Apes Gang


– Estar Token

– DemiourgosH

– xApes Jungle

– EneftorX

Recognition and Features

It is a proud moment for IXFI, as we were featured on Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Crypto. ro, and CoinEagle. This recognition is a testament to our growing influence and commitment to providing quality services in the crypto space.

The 10th Zealy Sprint

Our 10th Zealy Sprint by IXFI is underway, offering our users new ways to engage and earn rewards. Read more about the sprint here.

Engaging Twitter Space

We recently held a Twitter Space with MultiversX, XOXNO, and other influential NFT founders. This event fostered insightful discussions about the future of NFTs and our ongoing NFT Rewards Campaign.

New Listings and Trading Pairs

IXFI has added BLUR to our platform with two exciting trading pairs: BLUR / BTC and BLUR / USDT, catering to the diverse trading preferences of our community.

Reward Distributions

All rewards from this week’s NFT campaign have been successfully distributed to our participants. We’re excited to see our community’s engagement and hear about their winnings!

IXFI’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive crypto environment remains steadfast. Our focus on bringing innovative solutions and collaborations continues to drive our growth and user satisfaction. Stay tuned for more updates, and join us as we navigate the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.


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